Depth of field

Over a lovely lunch on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I got a taste of depth of… flavor in the rice cooked with broth and a small amount of oregano and a touch of chili. The flavor is pleasant and subtle until you reach that tiny touch of spicy, it becomes exciting. hmm, depth in cooking, Chris you are such a good cook!

Chris: Shallow depth of field directs the viewer’s attention to the main subject, reduces the distraction of a busy background, and renders an image a 3D feel. [Similar in cooking!] in a sense that in a bland or non-busy flavor field with a tiny bit of spice or busy(ness) embedded that hits you with a bit of a delay. So the depth is timing as well as juxtaposition. As for what gives things flavor, that’s pretty subjective. The photographer makes the choices.

G: Is it possible that the blurred background echoes with the main subject to give it more support, or maybe the something not in focus can add a sense of mystery?