YunJin, made of love

May 21, 2010

YunJin(雲錦), is the daughter of my best friend Qiang from university. I met her when staying with Qiang’s family on my way to Nepal. When we first met, she greeted me with her sweet pleasant voice. It seemed that we hit it off really well from the very beginning, I quickly became very fond of her. I see the child of myself in her. She is sweet, innocent, sensitive, vulnerable, protected, loved and maybe even spoiled.
At four years old, she is very curious about death and “old people”. After breakfast, when we were walking in a popular local temple, she started to ask questions about “old people”.
–  “When did ancient people live”?
–  “hmm… hundreds of years ago.”
–  “500 years ago?”
–  “Yes.”
–  “Why would old people die and never come back to life”?
–  “urrr… they do come back to life… the body dies but the spirit will come back to life.” I really didn’t know how to answer this to a 4-year-old so I gave her what I believe being influenced by my yoga study.

Before long she asked, “do yo have candies?”
“No.” I replied.
“Do you have a chewing gum?”
“No.” I said, then I had a somewhat naughty idea. I had a gum of lemon flavor in my mouth that she gave me earlier while we were in the car, so I pointed to my mouth, “look, here is the gum, do you want it?” She seemed interested. I took it out and wiped it with a tissue and gave it to her. She put in her mouth. By this time there was no more flavor so she spit it out right away. I thought it was amusing.  She saw that I took out my camera, naturally she started singing and dancing in front of the camera. It was obvious that she loved the attention.

Later when we were back in the car with her parents, suddenly, she asked, “What am I made of?”
There was a long silence in the car.
“hmm… the human body, more than 80% is made of water.”
More silence.
“I have to think about it.” Qiang said.
It seems she was still waiting for a different answer from the third adult in the car, so I said, “Love. You are made of love. You are made of love of your mom and dad.”
She must have been happy with the answer because for the rest of the trip she didn’t ask more questions.