February 27, 2015

The first time I was ever in Chengdu was in 2010 around Chinese new year. 相见恨晚 was how I felt immediately. The weather was mild, magnolia and peach trees blossomed the city into a new spring. I could only stay for half a day and one night, that one night stand turned into a love affair for the next five years until I came back this year for a few weeks.​

Chengdu is located on the fertile ground of Chengdu Plain, also known as “The Land of Abundance”, 天府之国. The Hibiscus City 蓉城 is another nickname. Chengdu is the 5th populous city in China with 7.4 million in the urban area and 14 million including suburb and rural area.

Historically, Chengdu has been home to many literary giants, such as Li Bai 李白 (705 – 762) and Su Shi 苏轼 (1037–1101), two of the most eminent poets of the Tang and Song dynasty.