Aug 10, 2014



I met Ezéchiel on a beautiful late Sunday afternoon. I was on my way to meditation and feeling a bit blue.  He was passing by me on his roller blades like a flash of light, with a radiant smile on his face. His entire person lit by the sun, I could not help but smiled when I saw this scene.  He made an U-turn and came up to me. He introduced himself that he is a musician from south of France. When we met again, I learned that he is also a hip hop dancer. We talked for a few hours about art, I found out that he is as conscientious as I am about art, about being authentic and vulnerable as an artist, as a human being. Our conversation continued in the following two weeks.  No one has ever challenged me as much as he did in my understanding about human conditions, about art, about destiny, and what is true knowledge. It was a rich and intense exchange that reminds me to question deeper for answers without any preconceived ideas or intellect.  Intellect, he often emphasized, is the culprit that prevents us from knowing the truth.



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