October 11, 2007

Lana is a striving artist. I met her in 2007. After asking me one question after another, some that I didn’t know how to answer, she learned that I was taking photography lessons. She invited me to her dining co-op to photograph her. It was the first time I heard about a dining co-op, I was very curious. I went to the co-op ​one afternoon with my rebel-xti and my curiosity. She was very happy that I showed up with my camera. I took some snapshots while she was on duty that day to prepare food for dinner.

​​Although there was not much light in the house, she enjoyed the attention. I wonder if we all are like that, that we love attention.

​Fast forward a few years later, I ran into her again. She has grown a lot, and her painting skill has matured a lot too.​​ This time I asked her to come and pose for a new portrait. =>


June 28, 2012

From Babak –
​”This photo looks beautiful. The girl with the T-shirt and the glasses is onto something.  She looks determined and seems to know what she is gonna do. This is the type of photography I adore. The subject is the center of the artwork. Instead of making you wonder what the photographer thought, it makes you think what was the experience of the subject. Something you can guess and probably live your own way…
​This is an advantage of being a woman photographer: being honest.”​​


Some of Lana’s 2007 colorful paintings.