Havana Windows

I love the windows in Havana. I get emotional just thinking about the windows in Havana. They are like the eyes of people, with different colors, shapes and sizes, expressing different emotions and feelings, reflecting different light and depth, telling different life experiences, just like the windows tell different stories…

I find the windows in Havana intriguing, fascinating and just beautiful. I don’t even know where to begin to describe them. Some huge long windows with decorative details, some small windows that are just simple openings, some connected to balconies, some grand and elegant, some with colorful linen and clothes neatly hanging over a cloth line, some well-maintained, some in decay, various in styles, structure and motifs, equally alive and beautiful. If there is a reason that I go back to Havana, I say Havana windows.

Link to My Havana Notes 2012.