A Portrait Session

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Caitlin has an incredible intensity in her personality. Her intensity is double-edged for a shoot. Being intense gives her character and drama, on the other hand, it takes a lot of energy to help her to let go of self-consciousness.
I can also be intense when I know exactly what I want, so at times a session can be very draining. Last week I asked Catlin to pose as the mysterious one and only Greta. She was curious so she googled Greta. Then in a nonchalant matter-of-fact tone, as she was reading about Greta, “…oh, we have the same eye color, the same hair color, the same height, and the same birthday, September 18th.” I could not believe what I heard, “What!  How could that be possible?” I grabbed the laptop and stared at the screen, I could not believe it. I was speechless.


Greta Garbo “Mata Hari” by Clarence Sinclair Bull, 1931

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Aug 25, 2010