Started as a class project to make a mini series of people on the street – I hope the viewers could recognize the city not because of any specific landmarks but because of the feel of the photos – culturally vibrant and diverse, also, I hope the viewers could see the humors in the photos.

I found that using murals as a background gives the photos an urban feel, people in the foreground bring life and action to the images.  The combination juxtaposed the movement against the static, real life against imagination, the seriousness of reality against humorist urban street arts.

Overall, the images convey a sense of light-hearted humor, a reminder that life, after all, is not that serious, that we might all be passengers in front of a mural, and unaware actors passing through a scene, in our own life.  – April 2009


“To be an artist is to be tuned in to the new, looking at things as if you were seeing them for the first time, saying yes to life in all its diversity and richness. Shadows and darkness are part of life, if we are open we can rediscover our inner child. Like healthy children face life with openness and creativity. They make things, play make-believe and create a world of beauty and delight…”