My UpClose

Aller doucement n’empêche pas d’arriver…

If the longest distance is from the mind to the heart
then the shortest is from a heart to a heart
quitely go inside your heart
you can hear me singing in silence
see me dancing in darkness
touch my soul from a distance
and feel close to me from the beginning of time


The soul is like a bird
Yesterday someone asked me, if I could, which animal would I want to be?
A bird, I said.
What kind of bird, he asked.
The kind that sings outside my window.
because I like to sing like a bird
and my song could fly like a bird

my soul is already like a bird
she wants to sing to dance
and to fly


Making Portraits
It has been a long process for me to get closer to people. The process started in 2007 when I  was having difficulty making portraits. I couldn’t get close to people let alone making portraits. The act of making portraits of someone was just too intimate for me at the time.  I felt I had to expose myself so much before I could make a real portrait.

I came to realize that I cannot simply expect my subjects to be open to me if I am shy, distant or closed off. I need to open up first before my subjects willing to be open and share a moment of truth with me and the camera. In order to get up close with my subject, I have to be seen, be known.

It was a truly challenging process for me, and even painful. So the process of making portraits becomes a journey of becoming more of myself, and more open. As I am making progress in my self-discovery, I made progress in my portraits work. I become more open and more accepting of my own human conditions and flaws, bit by bit. For a good portrait to happen, there needs to be a connection between the photographer and the subject.

I love making portraits. It is also a journey to discover myself – how I relate to people, how I see myself changing in the process. I would love to continue the process, with more willingness and courage, and I welcome all the challenges that come with it.

Friday, May 21, 2010


October 23, 2007

The closer I get to a person, the more beauty I see
up close I see the eyes that reveal a sensitive soul
I see the smiles that light up the moment
I see the gentle gestures otherwise I would not have seen
I hear the thoughtful remarks otherwise I would not have heard
the more I get to know a person, the more touching his beauty becomes
I see the texture of character under the appearance
the intelligence and wisdom behind the eyes
the vulnerability dances with strength
beauty is seen up close
beauty is truth, even just for a glimpse
up close I see what I cannot from a distance
up close, beauty reveals itself beyond what my eyes can see